03 Jan 2013

There is a new type of aircraft taking to the skies, specifically, a new type of rigid aircraft that isn't a blimp.  This craft has the potential to change air travel and military transport as well.

Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak says:

"The final configuration and vehicle systems integration functionality testing has been completed as the Aeroscraft subscale demonstration vehicle reaches the finish line."

The aircraft is to begin flying tests over the next 60 days, followed by a full scale version.  Pasternak also thinks that this transportation solution will be around and change the way we fly for the next 100 years.

The possibilities include offering civilian cruises over land, similar to how sea cruise ships currently work.  You soar over various areas such as the Grand Canyon on your way to the Rocky Mountains and sleep in a cabin on board.  There are military possibilities for transporting large amounts of troops across regions as well.

You may be wondering why this is not considered a blimp?  The reason it is not a blimp is because a blimp is a non-rigid airship.  With blimps, the shape is defined by the pressure of the gas inside and the fabric around it.  The Aeroscraft is rigid, meaning it has a rigid internal structure and the fabric goes around that portion.  This would in theory give it the ability to house much larger crews than a single blimp.

Source:  Aeroscraft, Gizmodo

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