04 Jan 2013

Orbx revealed the information of an FTX Global release which had been topic secret.  FTX Global will be released in 2013 for FSX and Prepar3D and cover the entire world with FTX textures.

Orbx states that it won't be a perfect solution as seen with a "full-fat" FTX region, as these are textures only.  But since it covers the whole world, you won't have to use FSX default textures again.

What will it include?

  • Complete replacement of FSX ground textures
  • Custom autogen houses and objects
  • 3D lights with FTX Day/Night Mode support
  • Selection of custom trees
  • Replaces default FSX so you can run with FTX Central set to EU, NA  etc
  • Can be uninstalled so you can revert to default FSX
  • Some custom landclass in sample areas initially (can be disabled if desired)
  • Perpetual free updates (textures, landclass tweaks, POI objects, upgraded default airports)
  • Dedicated staff working on upgrades full-time
  • Dual installer for FSX and P3D

What will it NOT include?

  • Geographical and vector data (roads, rivers, coastlines, elevation mesh)
  • Full hand-crafted landclass and polygon landclass
  • Unique ground textures native to the area you're flying in
  • Upgraded airports everywhere
  • Traffic on all major roads (only default FSX traffic)
  • Extensive custom modelled POIs like power stations, windfarms, stadiums, photoreal areas etc

Some limitations exist because it is a texture replacement and uses the current 'pool' of textures from Orbx since 2008.  Some areas like cityscapes and rural crops and fields won't look right.  Initially it will contain a "whole bunch of warts because of the restrictions of the FSX landclass texture system."  Orbx makes full-featured FTX regions for this reason.  They state they will work on fixing landclass issues and add POIs, airports and new content over time.

Orbx beta testing reports great performance thus far.

What will it cost?

AU$195 with free perpetual upgrades with a constant flow of upgraded airports at key locations around the world.


FTX Global is to be compatible with:

  • Ultimate Terrain X (UTX)
  • SceneryTech LC or any other LC addon
  • Any FSX scenery addon - but be aware Orbx textures are richer and darker than FSX default so many airports may not blend in at the edges of their photoreal coverage area
  • REX/AS2012/Other weather texture/WX engine addons
  • FSGenesis and other elevation mesh addons
  • FSWC
  • Enbseries
  • Shade

FTX Global is NOT compatible with:

  • GEX (since GEX also replaces FSX default textures)
  • FScene4X
  • Orbx payware airports (these must match up with the full FTX regions they are located in)

Size of installer?

It will be download-only for the first 6 months then a DVD release.  5GB in size with the need for 8GB of space, ideally 10GB free.

See the source link below for more screen shots of the various areas around the world.

Source:  Orbxsystems.com

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