24 Jan 2013

Twitter has just officially announced Vine, a new way to share videos through tweets.  This came less than one day after Twitter CEO Dick Costolo had hinted of this new service on his own Twitter feed. 

Vine is separate app that is already available on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.  There is the same integration with Twitter as with Instagram, but Vine videos can be embedded directly in tweets.  Videos from Vine can show up in a separate page such as this example.  Vine will be spreading to other platforms in the near future, according to Twitter.

Compared to other video sharing services such as Viddy or SocialCam, Vine is a bit different, in that it allows you to short multiple short films to make a single 6-second video, without any editing.  You just hold your finger on the screen to record.  Then take your finger off, video recording stops and can continue by putting your finger back on the screen.

The service certainly looks interesting, though the short clips resemble that of gif animations due to their brevity.  Either way, video is a powerful way to get a message across and when tied with Tweets could prove interesting.

Source:  TheVerge, Apple

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