18 Feb 2013

One issue that is run into with Windows 8 is that you can't have Hyper-V enabled and use Vmware Workstation at the same time.  That is, you can use them both at once.  But you can get them to work by creating an extra boot option and rebooting into the proper mode.

To do this we simply open a command prompt via the "Run as administrator" option and enter the following command.  This assumes the default boot entry is the one that you use to get into your Windows 8 instance.  If you run a dual boot or greater configuration then you need to run the bcdedit command and determine the value for that partition and put it below instead of "default."

bcdedit /copy {default} /d NoHyperV

After this it will say the entry was copied to {guidvalue}.  Inclusive of the curly brackets copy that GUID value to the clipboard.

Now use the following command while replacing {guid_hvoff} with the clipboard contents from above.  This will set the NoHyperV option to not load the hypervisor on boot.

bcdedit /set {guid_hvoff_from_above} hypervisorlaunchtype off

It should then say "The operation has completed successfully"

Now at bootup you can select which mode to use.

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